“Health from the Outside IN” is my philosophy on how the things you do to keep yourself young and beautiful on the outside can actually keep you healthy on the inside

As a physician, I find it is often hard to motivate patients to do the right thing when it comes to their health. Everyone thinks they are invincible and that they won’t get sick. Then once they come down with that dreaded diagnosis they lament, grieve and after that they become the model patient. As an ER doc I know this all too well because I often see patients during their crisis and all my lecturing after the fact doesn’t really help. That’s why I love my broadcast career because I can be proactive. I can instruct patients on preventive health before their bad outcome. But motivation before a health problem is still an issue. The promise of clean pristine arteries is not the best hook to get people, myself included, listening to medical advice.

So when I examined my own preventive health regime I had to be honest with myself, I don’t really exercise and diet to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, I do it to reduce my hips because its hard to find great looking designer jeans in a size 20! I don’t love passing up that crusty baguette or dragging my butt out of bed in the early morning to hit the gym! And I certainly wouldn’t do it, just to make my lipid panel beautiful. But coincidentally my “beauty” regime, which includes 100 sit-ups and leg lifts, does help my heart. In fact waist measurement is actually a parameter cardiologist use to assess risk for heart disease because studies show excess belly fat aside from the unsightly overhanging muffin top on your jeans does lead to increased risk of a heart attack.

I think, we physicians are preaching to the wrong choir! We are overlooking a key benefit of looking good and that is staying healthy! Health is one of the “side effects” from staying fit and beautiful. I always tell my own doctors, “My low cholesterol and blood pressure are really just the collateral “damage” of my lean protein low carb diet intended to keep my tummy flat!”

So I say, “Why not use what really motivates people, vanity.” Vanity has a bad rap. But the dirty little secret is that we all are a bit vain to some extent, or the cosmetic procedure industry wouldn’t be a 31 billion dollar a year business. Why not use it to your advantage. So I tell some of my patients if you won’t do it for your heart, at least do it for your butt and thighs! This a somewhat tongue and cheek approach which, extols and extorts the virtues of vanity for the advantage of your health. Women are smart, of course we intellectually know the importance of being healthy but what we really want is to look good and hot!

My routine can be broken down into 5 areas. It is my 5-prong approach to health and hotness. They are Diet, Attitude, Technology (or the miracles of modern science), Exercise and lastly Sex. These can be arranged in any order but coincidentally, they can be arranged to spell the word DATES. So perhaps this approach will not only guide you to find your healthy hotness but it may also help you get a date, which at my age is not always small feat!

Let’s face it ladies aging is not fun. Let’s toss out all those flowery clichés about aging gracefully with total acceptance. Honey as far as aging, I am not going quietly, I am going kicking and screaming!! “Health from the Outside IN” will divulge all my secrets of how not to age gracefully. The best part is that we now have much of the science to support this and you will find that beauty on the outside can lead to health on the inside!

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